K'jagra Khk
Species Aewa
Location Fountain Spiral
K'jagra Khk


"You there! You're friends with Rowdy. Why does he discriminate against floaters? I only want something to drink and an interesting conversation. We Aewa are an intelligent, well-spoken race. My cousin, K'Conrad, is the master informant of The Bricks. You should look him up. He likes to hang out at the Fountain Overlook. In exchange, maybe you can talk to Rowdy about letting me drink in the bar."

"People looked surprised when when they hear an Aewa talk so eloquently, but our vocal cords are the most versatile in the galaxy."

"An Aewa can perfectly mimic the voice of articulation of any species... well, except the Fluvini oyster fish of Tentax X."

"If you heard our native language it would burst your eardrums. I'll politely refrain from demonstrating."